Our Topics

The AWV's specialised work is divided into five specialist committees in which a total of more than 1,200 volunteer experts work. The individual expert committees are in turn divided into further working groups and project groups. The content of the work is oriented towards practical and economic benefits for companies and public administrations. Current issues are dealt with in order to achieve application-oriented answers.

The following topics are dealt with in our expert committees:

Digitalisation and Modernisation in Business, Administration and the Third Sector
Innovative Financial Control | Digitalisation and Red Tape Reduction of the Economy | Digitalisation and Red Tape Reduction of Public Administration | Organisational Aspects of Automation and Artificial Intelligence | Bioeconomy and Sustainability | Red Tape Reduction and Digitalisation of the Third Sector and Civic Engagement | Digitalisation Competence in the Public Sector
Administrative Simplification and Debureaucratisation in the Personnel Management Environment
Standardisation of Data Transmission Systems | Process chain for wage tax | Software Manufacturers Employers and Health Insurance Companies | Digital Transformation in Human Resources Management | Standardisation in Payroll Accounting
Accounting and Taxes
Value Added Tax | Principles of Proper Accounting and Bookkeeping (GoB) for IT use| Transfer Pricing
International Trade Procedures and Electronic Communication Issues
Procedures in International Trade | Data Protection and Information Security | Forum Electronic Invoicing Germany (FeRD)
Information Economy
Documentation and Archiving of Web Presences| Authenticity and Integrity | Metadata | Digital Archiving