The Association

The Working Group for Economic Administration (AWV) is the central forum in Germany which addresses current issues relating to economic efficiency in the administration of state and business. Its declared aim is to provide answers to the demands of a permanent change in tasks and technology and thus to promote smooth, efficient administration.

With more than 200 member companies and institutions and more than 1,200 honorary experts, we work on the development of future-oriented rules and procedures that reduce administrative costs and optimise the benefits for business and administration. To this end, cooperation partners from private business, public administration, and the third sector – with the participation of the scientific community – actively work together in working groups. The AWV is as a neutral mediator between the sectors and is guided by the idea of a partnership between business and administration.

We make the results of our work – e.g. guidelines, practice guides and expert opinions – available within the framework of seminars, workshops, conferences and congresses as well as in our publications.