Voluntary commitment

The success of AWV specialised work is based on a professionally oriented, lively discourse across all sectors, administrative units and specialist disciplines. This discourse is based on voluntary work. The permanent AWV working groups, some of which have been established over many years, create a stable personal network that works on an interdisciplinary basis, successfully develops solutions and enriches one's own professional development. The personal and professional exchange within the AWV committees is promoted by nationwide meetings as well as telephone and video conferences. The results are incorporated into recommendations for action, statements and the periodical "AWV-Informationen".

AWV Honorary Office
We would like to take this opportunity to express our special thanks to the more than 1,200 volunteers working for the AWV-specialised work! Without them the work of the AWV would not be possible in this form!

If you are interested in honorary work, please contact the AWV office.

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